Saturday, September 7, 2013

Promoting Health and Fitness, World"s strongest man provides a helping hand

At the end of the other week, countless schoolchildren from Round Rock, Texas came face to face with the World’s Strongest Man.

Texas native Mark Henry, a former Olympic weightlifter, record-breaking powerlifter and Proficient Wrestling World Champion, was joined by a group of ex-NFL stars as well as his WWE best friend, Mark Callaway, AKA The Undertaker.

The event was made to promote the importance of schooling, wellbeing and exercise in time for the new school term. Henry flew in from New York in order to visit the children and inspire them to greater things for the coming school months. As part of the day’s festivities, Henry pulled a Semi Truck for a great distance in front of a bunch of amazed kids, event organizers and parents.

Mark Henry’s inventory of athletic accomplishments is amazing. He competed in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic games as a weightlifter; Henry was also a Gold Medal winner during the 1995 Pan American Games and was named Drug-Free World Champion Powerlifter in 1995. He was named U.S powerlifting champion two times. He is a reigning world record holder in a number of areas is credited with the largest raw squat and raw powerlifting total ever performed by a drug-tested athlete.

Henry is also a three-time U.S National Weightlifting Champion, an American Open winner, Two-Time U.S Olympic Festival Champion and NACAC Champion. In 2002, he won the first annual Arnold Strongman Classic Competition and has publicly completed many feats of strength, as well as pushing a tank.

Mark Henry’s claim to being the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ is rather dubious and not thought official by most organizations, but later set lifting records throughout his life and winning at least one strongman contest, his claim is respected by most (and also the visual evidence is difficult to deny).

Henry has too had a 17-year career in Professional Wrestling, competing within the WWE (formerly WWF) ever since company owner Vince McMahon learned that Henry was a wrestling aficionado. His consequent career has seen him win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship two times, also as the ECW Championship and the WWE European Championship.

Notwithstanding his no-nonsense on-screen facade (a character who often welcomes his enemies to the ‘Hall of Pain’) Henry is incredibly active within the ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation, (a charity group that grants desires to children with life-threatening or terminal ailments) as well as many anti-drug and anti-bullying campaigns.

When interviewed over on the day, Henry said: “I would like the children to see what I did not have. I did not have a great deal growing up. I hope more people did it for me, so I try to do it in kind.”




Promoting Health and Fitness, World"s strongest man provides a helping hand

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